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A Bit About Us

Dr. Charlotte E. Jacobs and Dr. Katie Clonan-Roy

Although Charlotte and Katie both grew up in Ohio, they did not meet until their graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education (beginning in 2011). Through coursework and common friends, Charlotte and Katie began to discuss their research interests. Charlotte was conducting research with Black girls in independent schools, and Katie with Latinx girls in public schools. As they were reviewing academic literature, they felt frustrated with the lack of emphasis on the developmental and academic experiences of girls of color. In order to address this issue, they worked with their advisor, Mike Nakkula, to create a model of positive youth development specific to girls of color. This realization, frustration, and the project that it produced, sprouted a friendship and academic partnership that would flourish over the years. While Charlotte is still at the University of Pennsylvania and Katie is now at Cleveland State University, they continue to collaborate on research projects, course development, and community presentations. At the center of all of their work is a deep care for gender equity and intersectional social justice.

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