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Jackson A. Collins


Executive Director

Prep for Prep

Dr. Jackson A. Collins is the Executive Director of Prep for Prep, a leadership development and educational access organization focused on diversifying the leadership pool in America. A Prep alumnus, Dr. Collins had previously taught at his alma mater, St. Ann's, was an Upper School form dean at The Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square, Pa, and served as Associate Head of the Upper School and History Department Chair at The Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. He is also the founder of Inquiry Edge Consulting, LLC.

Dr. Collins earned his bachelor's degree from Amherst College; he holds a master's degree in Education Leadership from Columbia University's Klingenstein Center, and earned a doctorate in Educational and Organizational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. He has spoken nationally on the topics of racial literacy and school climate. Dr. Collins is also the creator of Cards On Race: A dynamic learning tool to examine race in America.

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