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Dr. Katie Clonan-Roy, Ph.D

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Katie Clonan-Roy is an Assistant Professor at Cleveland State University, in the College of Education and Human Service’s Department of Curriculum and Foundations.

Katie's research focuses on the intersections of education, adolescent development, and gender and sexuality studies. Katie’s current work takes on intersectional and critical perspectives in examining the development of critical literacy in after school spaces for girls, the inclusion and responsivity of sex education curricula of/to sexual and gender minority youth, and the preparation and education of equity-focused teachers.

Katie is also a member of the THRiVE Research Collaborative at CSU with Dr. Kimberly Fuller (Social Work), Dr. Elizabeth Goncy (Psychology), and Dr. Shereen Naser (Psychology). The THRiVE Research Collaborative is an interdisciplinary team of researchers, who seek to enhance the health and wellbeing of children, adolescents, and young adults through understanding how intersecting systems impact healthy development for youth. THRiVE achieves its mission by utilizing qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, centering data sharing with communities, and actively working to include youth voice in all of the Collaborative’s work. THRiVE is invested in contributing to CSU's role as an urban community collaborator in enhancing the well-being of youth and young adults.

Research Interests

Intersections of development, education, and gender | sexuality studies; Adolescent identity development; Positive youth development; Adolescent resistance and resilience; Youth activism; Youth diasporic cultures; Girlhood studies; Social foundations of education; Education and social justice; Multicultural education; Women's, gender and sexuality studies; Feminist epistemologies and pedagogies; Emotions, feelings and affect; Latinx studies; Community based participatory research; Ethnographic and qualitative methods.

Areas of Expertise

Social Foundations of Education

Education and Social Justice

Qualitative Research Media

Adolescent Development

Gender and Sexuality Studies

Honors and Awards

Merit Recognition Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research and Teaching

Cleveland State University

Awarded 2019

Dissertation Passed With Distinction

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education​

Awarded 2016

Graduate Fellowship for Teaching Excellence​

University of Pennsylvania Center for Teaching and Learning

Awarded 2015

American Dissertation Fellowship Alternate

American Association of University Women

Awarded 2015

Doctoral Dissertation Grant Recipent

Ruth Landes Memorial Research Fund

Awarded 2014

Gender and Sexuality Studies

Leboy-Davies Fellow

University of Pennsylvania Sexuality & Women's Studies Department

Awarded 2014

Community Action Grant

American Association of University Women

Awarded 2014

Dean's Scholarship

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

Awarded 2011

Best Oral Presentation by a Graduate Student in the Social Sciences

Robyn Rafferty Mathias Student Research Conference at American University

Awarded 2011

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